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The Long History of Cincinnati’s Best Blind Company

Cincinnati has changed a great deal in the past half-century. Think of all the classic Cincinnati retailers that are no longer with us – Shillito’s, Swallen’s, Service Merchandise. (And those are only the S’s.)

Adler’s Blinds, our small, family-run business has persisted, and has remained consistently in business, for more than 50 years. We’ve remained small in order to keep providing the same personal attention and handcrafted service that makes us Cincinnati’s best blind company.

Longevity Leads To Greatness

You may say to yourself, “How has the best blinds company near me kept going for so long?” We are proud to say that the majority of our customers are repeat clients. We establish long-lasting relationships, and we help these families and individuals with all of their window treatments over the years. We not only install and help design these window treatments, but we repair the treatments when needed, and even pay home visits to clean these blinds, shades, and curtains over the years.

  • When Adler’s first opened its doors in 1969, Interstate 71 was less than three years old.
  • What else was happening in Cincinnati back in 1969, when we first hung our shingle?
  • The Reds still played at the old Crosley Field, which remained in use until 1970.
  • The Bengals played their third season. Wee tots.
  • A tornado struck near the corner of Galbraith and Reading in August of 1969, killing four people and injuring more than 200 Cincinnatians.
  • Skyline Chili had only just begun selling frozen chili and spaghetti to grocery stores four years earlier. It still had one main location, run by Lambrinides brothers on Glenway Avenue.
  • The population of Cincinnati had been declining. Between 1960 and 1970, the city’s population shrunk by 10%. In the previous decade, it had only shrunk by 0.3%.
  • Some of the top films at the U.S. box office included Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Easy Rider, Paint Your Wagon, True Grit, Midnight Cowboy, and Hello, Dolly!
  • Led Zeppelin released its debut album earlier in the year. The Beatles were still together.
  • Richard Nixon had just taken office as president for the first time, in January.
  • In July of 1969, the Apollo 11’s Lunary Module Eagle landed on the moon’s surface for the first time. As 650 million people watched on live television, Neil Armstrong (who eventually lived in Cincinnati’s northeastern suburbs) took those historic first steps on the surface of the moon.
  • Adler’s Blinds opens in Hamilton County, Ohio.

When a company has been around this long, you know they’re doing something right. So if you’re in the market for window treatments and looking for one of the top blinds companies in Cincinnati, think of Adler’s Blinds in Madeira, Ohio.