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Serious Curb Appeal Makeover: How Do Your Window Treatments Look from the Outside?

home window with blinds

Window treatments can have a big impact on the overall appeal and perceived value of a home. Bedsheets (especially ones of various colors) hanging in place of blinds or curtains, and crooked or missing slats can make an otherwise unremarkable exterior stand out, and not in a good way.

Just from the look of the windows, one imagines the interior of the house is unkempt and neglected.

Beyond calling a blinds repair company for those missing slats, here are some steps to improve how your window coverings look from the outside of your home.

If your neighborhood has an HOA, be sure to check with them before you make major changes. Some areas have strict rules on how a home should look from the outside.

1. Color Match Your Blinds and Shades

You might want to give each room a different look, but from the outside windows look better if the colors are the same. When you close blinds, they’re solid window coverings, so if all the pigments are the same, it provides your home’s exterior a clean, crisp facade.

2. Consider Faux Wood Blinds

Nothing adds pizzazz like “wood” window coverings. They easy to see from the street, and also provide a touch of elegance. The solid colors of faux wood blend well with different hues. So if your house has bright shutters on the outside of the windows, faux wood will blend well.

3. Try Solar, Roller or Roman Shades

Solar shades look clean and allow you the exact amount of transparency you want. While similar to roller shades, solars offer the added benefit of reducing UV rays and heat from the sun. For a change that improves your home’s appearance while lowering your electric bill, solar shades are a great solution.

Roller shades are a great way to amp up your house’s sophistication. These modern, chic window coverings make windows pop. They provide a sleek, solid style that sets your home apart, especially if you choose a cool color.

Roman shades give windows an embellished look that matches many styles. They are crafted with thick fabrics, so can be easily seen from the sidewalk. They also form a graceful fold when pulled up. The design creates a glamorous style.

4. Spring for Front Window Boxes

To maximize your curb appeal, add window boxes to the front windows. Pick a color that complements the exterior or use flowers that will make buyers look twice. But make sure they’re attached nice and tight; drooping boxes are not a good look.

5. Spruce up the Exterior

Beyond window treatments, make sure the rest of the exterior looks fresh. There’s no point putting up new shades to add curb appeal if the paint is peeling or the grass is overgrown.

6. Be Original

Making your house stand out can take creativity. If you make your home look just like every other one in the neighborhood, it may not make the statement you want.

If you live in an area where all the homes are meant to look alike, you’ll definitely need something bold to earn curb special appeal.

If your windows look small from the outside, here are some tricks to make them look bigger:

  • An extra layer of trim
  • Shutters
  • Flower boxes
  • Horizontal muntins
  • Bushes and foliage that pull the eye but don’t cover the windows
  • Put the focus on the door with color contrast

Especially if you are putting your home on the market, a little TLC for the windows can make a big difference. A Cincinnati window shade company like Adler’s Blinds will be happy to help.