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Proper Privacy Through Window Shades 

There are many advantages to having great shades in your home. Aesthetically, window shades can add a lot to your home’s visual appeal. In terms of the room’s temperature, shades can make any room more comfortable.

Most importantly to some people, however, is the privacy that shades can enable.

Cincinnati Curtains

Curtains are great, too. Curtains are generally heavier material, and depending upon the type of fabric used, are susceptible to pet damage. You don’t want pets “marking their territory” on your curtain fibers, or sharpening their claws on that delicate, irresistible hanging material.

The Ease of Window Shades

With window shades, shifting from an open window and a private, closed-off environment is as simple as a flick of the wrist.

A pull of one cord closes those shades, and blocks the view into your house from anyone outside. Your home become immediately and fully private as soon as those shades are drawn. As a Cincinnati window shade company, it is our privilege and honor to supply you with access to that immediate gateway to privacy.

We Help Cover Windows in Cincinnati

Here in Cincinnati, we are surrounded by beautiful views. Thick foliage, a healthy variety of flora and fauna, and gorgeous glacier-cut hills encircle us here in Hamilton County.

We have good reason to have our windows uncovered for much of the time. We want to see the birds, the squirrels, maybe the kids playing down the street. The outdoor vistas in this area are lovely.

However, that does not negate our desire for privacy. Switching from having light and beautiful views to having your intimate interiors should be simple and easy.

Your One Stop Cincinnati Window Shade Company

Any window shade company worth its salt will agree that shades work very well in local homes.

But will every store selling window shades in Cincinnati be able to install them in person?

We offer the kind of personal, hands-on service that many of our competitors simply cannot. We have been in business for more than 50 years as a small, family-owned and family-run business. We represent all of the major window shade manufacturers and distributors – Hunter Douglas, Levelor, Alta, and Graber, among many others. More significantly, though, we can provide same-day service, and same-day appointments for at-home consultation and installation.

So, when it comes time to book a window treatment for one or more of your rooms, keep that in mind. Personal service and a local touch can make a big difference when it comes to making your home as comfortable and beautiful as possible. When considering which window shade company in Cincinnati to work with, think of Adler’s Blinds.