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Window Blind Repair Close to You

There is no reason to trash blinds that just need a little love. When searching window blind repair near me, you don’t have to look any further than Adler’s Blinds in Madeira.

Our expert craftspeople can fix just about anything related to blinds. Some fixes can be done in situ; others require bringing the blinds into our shop. It can usually be determined on the phone which is indicated. We will happily come get them in the second case.

Common Blind Repairs

A frame pulling out, damaged slats, damaged cords and split pleats are quite common. We also repair hard-to-open blinds, broken handles, cord tensioner and cleat issues and remote-control malfunctions.

When to Repair, When to Replace

If your blinds are of high value—either real or sentimental—you always want to try repairing them at a trusted Cincinnati window blind repair shop like Adler’s first. If you are fond of them and aren’t excited about the shopping process, also go the repair route.

If the problem is minor, sending your blinds to Adler’s for repairs can often be the more economical choice.

Conversely, if you are not that big on the blinds, or just want a new look, maybe it is time for something fresh and new. The process can be painless at a window treatment shop in your area like Adler’s. We will come to your home with samples to help you select something perfect. In short order, you will have custom-made blinds or shades professionally hung in your home.

Be a Smart Shopper

For repairs or new window treatments, look at the shop’s reviews before you choose. Ask how long the repair specialists and designers have been in the business. If they have enjoyed long careers, you can feel certain they know what they are doing and can be a long-term window treatment partner.

Make sure you are choosing a shop with a great reputation. Here at Adler’s, we have been serving generations of return customers for over 50 years.

Why do our loyal customers keep coming back? They know they will get exceptional advice, on-trend window solutions and great service.