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Are You on Display? A Window Shade Company Can Provide Privacy…Pronto!

white window shadeWhile there are many types, all window shades have three purposes: privacy, light control and decoration. But you don’t want just any shade. You want to make sure what you select enhances your space and looks good from outside the house as well.

Search “window shade companies near me” to find a local expert. Unless you live in a very isolated area, you probably have window shade companies nearby that offer excellent selection and service, as well as cleaning and repairs.

These shops can help you select sturdy on-trend shades, accents like sheers or valances, and attractive hardware.

Here are the ways local window shade stores can provide a superior solution:

Deciding what window shades work

These stores have professional designers who can bring carefully curated samples to you for at-home shopping. Once they see your style, they can talk about material options, current trends, and what solutions might work in your space at your budget.

Planning for a perfect fit

Every shade designer knows how to measure your windows to make sure your dressings will enhance each room. They use industry tricks for sizing shades to make the room look bigger or more cozy, depending on your need.

Professional window shade installation

Nearby stores that specialize in window shades will also have expert installers on staff. After your shades are fabricated, they will bring them to you and install them for a perfect look. Installing the right way can make a world of difference in how shades dress your window—and how long they stay where they belong.

Help down the road

When the time comes that your shades or other window treatments need repair or cleaning, your specialty shop can help. There’s no need to try and figure out who to call. Shade shops usually will clean and repair your window dressings whether or not you bought them at their store.

These specialty stores have small, loyal staffs. Once you have established a relationship, you have someone who knows a lot about you, your home and your windows. You won’t have to start over the next time you want to change a room’s décor.

First step

To find a shade person who will understand what you want, call the store and ask to speak to the owner or designer. You will know within a short conversation if are going to gel. If it doesn’t feel like you will, call another shop.