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Using a Wood Blind Cleaning Service

Blinds looking sad? The best way to clean them is to have a professional wood blind cleaning service do it.

You don’t have to search “wood blind cleaning service near me” if you live in or near Cincinnati, OH. Adler’s Blinds can come to your home or office, take your blinds down, expertly clean them, bring them back, and rehang them. Having your blinds professionally cleaned is a quick, inexpensive way to make your house feel refreshed.

Adler’s Blinds’ wood blind cleaning service removes dirt, grime and allergens from the slats, strings and inside the headrail. Our process also removes static electricity, so your blinds will not attract dust as quickly after we’ve cleaned them.

How We Clean Wood Blinds

Since 1969, we’ve been hand cleaning wood blinds with a special biodegradable cleaner for a very detailed, deep refresh. (You should never use water on wood blinds).

Our pros can come get your wood blinds, or if you prefer, you can bring them to our shop in Madeira, 11 miles northeast of Downtown Cincinnati.

The wood blind cleaning process usually takes approximately a week. The cost depends on the size of your blinds, but the average cost is about $40 – $50 per set of blinds. 

At that price, it doesn’t make sense to live with dirty, depressing window coverings. You could waste your time wiping down each slat with wood cleaner, lemon oil and/or wood preservative, but you would never get them as clean as we will!

We recommend having new wood blinds cleaned every 2-3 years.

Benefits of Professional Wood Blind Cleaning


People who have asthma, allergies or respiratory problems, can find these issues exacerbated by dusty blinds. Research has shown thorough blind cleaning can significantly improve the quality of indoor air.


Many people throw away blinds when they accumulate visible debris. While tossing a cheap blind doesn’t seem like a big deal, the cost can add up. Adler’s cost- and time-efficient blind cleaning allows you to keep blinds you like.

Why Choose Adler’s Blinds

Adler’s Blinds is a family-owned business which has served the Cincinnati region for over half a century. We offer personalized service with skilled attention to detail. When you work with Adler’s, you work directly with the owners, who have decades of experience keeping Cincinnati home interiors looking their best.

We clean all types of blinds and shades, and also sell on-trend window treatments like faux wood blinds and shades, composite shutters, cordless or motorized roller shades, and solutions that block heat, light and sound. An Adler’s designer can bring out a range of samples for convenient home shopping.

We are always happy to give estimates over the phone for any of our services.