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The Remarkable Ease of Local Window Blind Repair

Your blinds are an essential feature of your home. As you look out your windows every day, you are always seeing those blinds, whether they are open, closed or somewhere between those two states. Hopefully you like them. If so, the good news is, if anything ever happens, you do not need to worry about finding someone to repair your window blinds. Measuring materials, swapping out pieces, all of that. Don’t fret. We can handle any window blind repair for you.

The Main Types of Shade and Window Blinds We Repair

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds tend to be thicker. Their “vanes,” or shafts of material, usually extend from the rod down to just above the ground. Each vane, or panel, usually can tilt in orientation, so as to be either parallel with the window (or sliding door), perpendicular with that window or somewhere in between. Much as vertical stripes are said to be “slimming,” in clothing, vertical blinds can give a window the appearance of being taller and narrower.

Mini Blinds

With Mini Blinds, the slats are thinner – generally either 0.5”, 1”, or 1.5”. These slats stack on top one another when the blinds are raised. When you lower the Mini Blinds, they can tilt up or down. There are tilt mechanisms which make it possible for these blinds to shift when lowered. Sometimes the repairs required for mini window blinds are on the strings you pull to raise and lower the blinds. We can swap out those strings easily if they ever snap or become tangled.

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

When blinds are made of wood, they are generally thicker and wider than Mini Blinds. Usually these blinds are between 2” and 3” thick. We can always replace these window blinds’ individual slats, or whole set of slats, if the wood becomes discolored or mildewed.

Roller Shades

These are flat shades made of a continuous piece of material – most often vinyl, fabric or a screen material. They roll up on a tube or a dowel, most commonly. If your roller shades are becoming difficult to roll up, we can fix that.

Cellular and Honeycomb Shades

These are a cross between roller shades and separated blinds. They are pleated, so one continuous piece of material folds onto itself to stack when raised.

The repair of window coverings is becoming a lost art, but there are still professionals who do it well. No matter what variety you have, Adler’s Blinds of Cincinnati can fix your window blinds. Give us a call today.

A Convenient Blinds Repair Process

Some fixes can be done on-site, but more complex ones require your blinds to be brought to our repair shop. We can come to your house and take them down for your convenience, then return your blinds once they are fixed and reinstall them.

We can usually determine over the phone where the work needs to be done.

Common Window Blind Repairs

Here are just some of the repairs of window blinds we do:

  • a frame pulling out
  • damaged slats or cords
  • split pleat(s)
  • hard-to-open blinds
  • broken handles
  • cord tensioner troubles
  • cord cleat issues
  • remote control problems

When to Repair, When to Replace

If you value your blinds highly, repair is absolutely the way to go. Or, if you don’t relish the idea of finding something new, that is another good reason to repair window blinds.

If the problem is minor, the repair cost can be less than purchasing new blinds.